Starla, one of our adopted ElderPups, was recently featured in Wayzata Life Magazineas their February Precious Pet. We were thrilled for the opportunity to help raise awareness for ElderPup adoption … and Starla thoroughly enjoyed her time in the spotlight as well! Here’s the article as it appeared in Wayzata Life Magazine:

“They call me a ‘senior dog’ at 13, but I still have so much black Lab puppy in me. My humans, Caroline and Steve Melberg, adopted me from Top Dog Foundation in New Germany two years ago. I was a rescue from the streets of Hutchinson. Now, I live in a wonderful home with my best buddy Capone, a two-year-old German shepherd who has bugged me since he was 8 weeks. However, I usually have the last “nip” in our wrestling matches. We are the “children” in the house.

I am a bit unusual. I am now blind from diabetes, but that does not stop me from my favorite activity, chasing balls. I find them by smell and sound…sometimes, with a little guidance from Capone. Capone looks out for me, even grabbing me to guide me out of the cattails one winter when I went in the wrong direction. In my younger days, I was a world-class counter-surfer with a 6-foot vertical jump. I am a lucky…and spoiled…Top Dog!”

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