Since 2004, Top Dog Foundation has rescued senior dogs.  Every day, we create a Second Act for ElderPups, welcoming each dog to a loving and caring home for the rest of his or her life. We begin that process by providing any medical care needed to restore each dog to the greatest health possible. We do not stint on veterinary expenses.

From its start, Top Dog Foundation focused on the health and well-being of these dogs and the people who love them. Our priority is to place ElderPups with senior citizens, saving at least two lives in the process. We do accept adoption applications from all ages, however, of individuals and families who live in Minnesota or surrounding states.



What sets Top Dog Foundation apart is our commitment to change at least two lives with every rescue. 

When we adopt an ElderPup into a senior citizen home, we see the health benefits for the senior citizen skyrocket.

With Hoover’s Taxi Network, a volunteer corps that ferry dogs to visit their person in assisted living, we help senior citizens NOT have to say goodbye to beloved dogs.

When we bring senior dogs into new homes, with safety and security ensured by our follow through and commitment to their well-being, we demonstrate the value for life that every senior deserves.

We invite you to join us in changing the world, one senior at a time.

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