Friends and Supporters,

Meet Otis! Otis is an 8-year-old, 135-pound Lab / Great Pyrenees gentleman…
In his short stay at his foster home, he has quickly gathered more hearts than a grade school Valentine’s party. Otis loves to take a walk around the neighborhood and a gentle lead leash ensures you walk him, and he doesn’t drag you. He leisurely falls asleep in the middle of the floor, only stirring when he senses a commotion that needs his attention. He has a gentle mutter under his breath when he hears a far-off dog barking, simply ensuring you know some mischief may be about the area. When his foster home children return from school, he sweetly greets them at the door with his tail wagging. He will gingerly take a treat from your hands and will respectfully place it on the floor when he isn’t interested.

Otis loves scratches and will lean his whole body into you to ensure you know he is enjoying the massage. Otis deserves the best home to spend his retirement years and you will be rewarded with a loyal companion keeping watch over your family.



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