Scooter and Penelope are simply the best of friends. They saw each other through being dumped in a parking lot, they traveled together to come into our care, they had dental work done together, and best of all, they nap together every day, safe and sound. In between, they play, look out the window for any passing entertainment, and in general know that life is good. Scooter is 14 years old, and 5.5 pounds. Penelope is 11 years old, and 8.5 pounds. This girl knows how to play! And Scooter is equally adept at supervising from a safe spot.

Listen to their foster:  “If you’d love low maintenance dogs, here they are. With no behavioral or health issues they are the perfect pair. Scooter and Penelope are the most easy going, wonderful small dogs, the most loving and caring dogs you’ll ever meet. Their perfect day is sitting on the couch next to the window to watch for potential intruders, then when you get home Penelope would love to sit on your lap and Scooter snuggle under your blanket. During the night they enjoy cuddling up next to one another, and will be so excited to see you in the morning! When it’s warm they will beg you to go on walks and lay on the grass to sunbathe. These truly are the cutest and most loving dogs.

If you are unable to take them out every 4-6 hours then I do suggest getting a puppy training pad, other than that they are fully trained and reliable! They get along well with other dogs and humans but cats are an unknown. Their small appetites match their small stature, and really amazing, they are on no medications at all.

We thought that two dogs would be overwhelming to foster, but they have been so easy we would even foster another dog along with them because they are so low maintenance.

Please open your heart to Scooter and Penelope, they deserve an amazing home.”

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