He crinkles his nose when he wants a treat.

This is Sarge, a 10-year-old “Beagle Blend” who is coming out of the same county animal facility in Tennessee where we rescued River. Sarge has a fabulous foster (she helped save River), and now he needs an adoptive home. Loves to be petted, housetrained, kid-friendly, polite, a snuggler supreme.

He would look great with a ribbon bow perched on his collar.

Sarge already has an offer for a ride halfway up from Tennessee, and we have volunteers ready to help arrange the rest of the trip if needed. Of course, combining a pickup for Sarge with a shopping trip to Chicago may also appeal. Just sayin’.

Need more inspiration? X-rays show Sarge has 7 BB pellets in his flank. Vets say it is not affecting him but it is affecting us and maybe you too.

If you can open your heart to Sarge, he guarantees to love you up something beautiful. Please send us a message to learn more.

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