Rascal is a retreiving machine. If you throw it, he will bring it.

The people of Top Dog Foundation have known Rascal for a long time. His person was a great supporter and benefactor.  In fact, she was the push behind our work to raise awareness of pet trusts that can provide a legal protection for dogs whose owners pre-decease the dogs. She is still part of that push: She passed away very suddenly, before she could arrange for the care of this dog who enlivened her life.

Rascal is a 9-year-old Golden Retriever. He is a very active, super affectionate pup who loves to swim (yes, he is wet in every photo we have) and play ball. He will keep retrieving until your arm gives out! He is great with dogs, all people including small children, and cats. Basically, he is a good-natured Retriever who loves his ball and everyone around him.

Rascal also loves to roam. He requires a fenced yard or to always be leashed when outdoors, simply for his own protection.

If you can offer this friendly, devoted and intelligent fellow some love all his own, please get in touch with us. He comes with his own tennis balls.

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