Handsome and sweet-natured Raja has been soaking up some TLC in one of our experienced foster homes. What we know from this is he has a series of conditions that we feel will be manageable but likely not “cured.” This includes some skin wounds and arthritis. He is being treated and we feel this treatment will need to continue for the remainder of his days.

For this reason, we are seeking a hospice home for sweet Raja. What does this mean? It means he is an older dog who will need some care to be comfortable, and we are looking for a home to provide the care while we pay for expenses associated with that care.

A big thing to know about Raja is that he is super easy to be around. His favorite thing to do is sit out in the sun, for hours on end. Raja gets along with everyone. He has lived with big and small dogs, cats, children, and adults, and his gentle demeanor never changes. As his foster home says, “He is completely house trained and is one of the most well-mannered dogs possible. We have yet to hear him bark and he seems to know exactly what you want at all times.”

Since Raja loves being outside, a fenced yard would be helpful. Age has stiffened his movements, so no stairs is also a requirement for his new home. He is on medications to help his mobility, and those medications must continue. A beautiful hound mix, Raja thrives with a comfortable spot to rest his head, a chance to lay quietly in the sun, and the companionship of humans who love him. He will give back tenfold on the love, guaranteed!

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