Meet Oscar! (He would like that!)

Oscar is a 14-year-old male Dachshund who came into our care last summer after his person died. With TLC from a wonderful foster home and our vets, he has thrived. Once overweight (you Dachshund folks will know…) and having trouble moving, Oscar is now slim and trim. He expresses his view about that by suggesting anyone in the kitchen should share, but can be convinced otherwise. Oscar is an older fellow, and needs a lift to navigate steps and furniture. Once up near you, he is a CUDDLER! Our foster notes he loves to kiss, so any new friends must like ElderPup kisses.

Oscar is also not a fan of winter cold or snow. He is housetrained, and perfect in the summer, but in winter he may need some coaxing to stay outside long enough to prevent accidents once he comes back inside.

Oscar is a genial guy who loves people, other dogs, quiet older kids who respect his long back, and cats who are mutually respectful.

If you are looking for a companion to help you watch a show, read a book, enjoy the sunshine, take a nap, agree with all your opinions, and look extremely handsome, Oscar would like to meet you. We need an adoption application filled out to respond to more questions.

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