She loves people. Her eyes are bright and merry. Have a treat? Yes, thank you, she will!

Beautiful Leana also has thyroid cancer, and we are seeking a hospice home for her. We will cover all expenses, with the intent that this next chapter in Leana’s life has quality and joy for as long as can be. Our vets have weighed in and the tumor on her thyroid is inoperable. Our choice is to support Leana’s enjoyment of what may be the few days, weeks, months, or years remaining.

The elevated activity of her thyroid means Leana craves water and needs to urinate more frequently as a result. In our time with her, she controlled the urination, and we also know that she wears diapers easily if they are needed. Her heart rate is elevated and she is thin, but her weight has been stable for at least two months. She is beautifully mannered, has lived with babies, children, dogs, cats, and is happy to be with each of them.

At age 11, Leana loves to have you bury your hands in her soft Labradoodle coat. We’d love to talk to you if you believe her last chapter could turn out to be a great chapter with you (and likely, for you). She will need attention, but oh golly, will she ever return the affection and joy right back to you!

Please send us a message if you love this face as much as we already do.


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