Super sweet Jackpot has a ton of happiness, manners, and a great approach to life! Jackpot spent 18 months in a shelter healing from a horrific case of mange. He came out on top, and has been in a foster home for us living a great life! What we know is that his adorable face is just the beginning: He gets along with everyone (loves kids), loves to ride co-pilot in the car, LOVES to go on walks, and really needs a fenced back yard so he can chase squirrels. Jackpot is a snuggler supreme – it is one of his favorite things to do. He actively agrees with the idea of sit, down, stay, and shake, and is not at all food driven. He is aptly named for whomever opens their heart to adopt this great pup. About 10 years old and 50 pounds. JACKPOT!

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