When a dog comes a long way on her healing journey, it’s quite fun to take note as she adds to her resume of fun.

Such is the story of Gertie. We’ve told about her kayaking, her barn hunts, and her empathy as her main man heals from a couple surgeries (she won’t leave his side). Now it turns out that Gertie has an expanding universe of admirers. It even got her a new “job.”

Gertie’s ongoing healing has come with the care of Blue Pearl Veterinary in Eden Prairie. Coincidentally, the front desk staff at Blue Pearl have been missing interaction with dogs coming in for care, due to Covid-19 business precautions. Their solution was to search out dogs who could keep them company. Gertie spent a whole day “applying” for a position, and SHE GOT THE JOB!

She started yesterday, and here’s a few photos of Gertie in action, keeping everyone company in her own charming, mostly Bassett Hound way.

We love this, and hope you do too!

~ Mary Gustafson

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