Every now and then we need a very temporary foster home for a senior dog. It might be an “emergency pull” that helps us get a dog out of danger right away while we look for a longer-term foster home. It might be one of our fosters is going on vacation (yep! they get to do that!) and we need a friendly face to take care of an ElderPup for a weekend or a week.

“Dip Your Toe” fosters do just that. You get to test out how fostering feels for you. You get to enjoy helping a rescued dog for the short term without worrying you’ll become too attached. It’s kind of like being a grandparent or an aunt: You get to love ‘em and then give ‘em back.

Let us know if you’d like to dip your toes. We have dogs who swim, kayak, sleep by the pool, or prefer dry ground, so we can guarantee we’ll fix you up with only a dog that fits for you. We pay all expenses. And honestly, you’ll help us and the dogs out a LOT.  Send a message to admin@topdogfoundation.org and we will get in touch!

~ Mary Gustafson

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