Daisy and King are 12, with no known health issues. They have been settling in at their foster home and showing themselves to be fabulous companions. Who knows them best now? Their amazing fosters, Emily and Ross, who put together a must-read that will bring a smile to your face (just as Daisy and King will!)


King might be the easiest dog in the entire world. He is very relaxed and without Daisy he would be completely lost. He is a FABULOUS eater, and you have to be careful that he doesn’t clean out everyone’s dish while you’re not looking. He is not food aggressive whatsoever, and takes treats very nicely. He likes to chew on bones, rawhides and really any long-lasting tasty treat. Along with his ravenous appetite comes a lot of potty breaks. He can be a little stubborn about using the bathroom if you just take him outside, but if you go on a walk that usually does the trick. He’s not very good at letting you know he needs to go out though, so occasionally we have been having accidents in the house (but we are definitely working on it!). When he gets really excited he likes to bark and let you know how happy he is. Throughout the day he is very content to have a soft bed or couch to sleep on. We are working on losing some weight (much better for his joints and overall health that way), so we are currently going on 3 walks a day. He LOVES to go for walks and does really well keeping up with the younger pups. Beyond that he just likes his evening tummy rubs before bed, and he’s set to go. He does not need to be kenneled over night or while left alone, but just be sure to pick up anything that may look like a tasty treat because he will definitely do some investigating to make sure he’s not missing out (aka chews on it but doesn’t eat it)!


Daisy is the motivator, protector and nurturer of the house hold FOR SURE! She is very curious and inquisitive as to what you’re doing all the time, and especially makes sure King is taken care of. She frequently gives him a bath, sleeps next to him, makes sure he’s keeping up on walks, and usually lets him steal her treats if he really wants them (which is all the time). All this monitoring is very exhausting and she spends most of her day sleeping on the couch or monitoring for intruders by looking out the window. She would LOVE to be able to sleep in bed with her human at night and is very affectionate! She is so incredibly sweet and her nurturing nature definitely extends to her humans as well. She is a bit of a picky eater and we usually have to soften her food with a little warm water. She’s a slow eater, so keeping King occupied while she is eating is imperative!

Together these two are the ultimate pair. I can’t stress enough how incredibly low maintenance they are. They both have gotten baths, toe nails trimmed, and groomed without any fuss. They completely ignore both the cats in the house, and get along instantly with any dog they meet. Daisy is a little bit afraid of children if they approach her quickly, but she just runs away and shivers, she has NEVER shown any aggression towards anyone. They both settled in within 30 minutes of arriving at our house (not even kidding they just instantly fell into place) and have integrated into our life seamlessly. Ideally, they would be in a home with older children or just adults. They do need to go out to use the bathroom several times a day, so noon walks or access to a potty area are pretty important. These two are truly one in a billion and after fostering many many dogs these are by far the easiest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of welcoming into our family.

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