If you are looking for a dynamic duo, Buddy and Bobo will fit the bill.  Both boys are sweet, loving, and have a zest for exciting adventures.  Don’t let their ages fool you – they still want to jump in the car for a ride! They easily sit for a 3-hour drive to the cabin.  Do you love walks?  They do too; just hop them in a stroller and their smiles say it all!  Kids are also cool with them; they love watching the shenanigans and the attention from the younger crowd.


He greets each day with a goofy smile, tongue hanging out to the side.  Buddy is the relaxed and chill little brother, but huge on personality.  He adores being in the thick of things, scampering around as fast as his legs will take him.  He loves to eat, inhaling cookies, as well as every crumb.  Buddy has the cutest little gremlin noise he makes when he chats and he looks like an adorable bear when he rolls on his back and plays.


Bobo is certainly the boss, his foster family fondly refers to him as the “management.”  With a stern look, he will remind you when it is dinner time, adding his gentle voice if you ignore.  Bobo likes to spend his time with his person, sitting quietly at their feet or sitting next to them on the couch.  If you want snuggles and cuddles, he is your pup.  His absolute favorite move?  For you to cup his head in your hands and stroke his ears.  While he may seem a little grouchy on the outside, he is pure heart and love.

Both boys are great with kids of all ages, other dogs, cats not known but we suspect yes! They have been fully vetted. We will review applications carefully and be in touch as we see a best great home for these sweet boys.

Fenced yard helpful. Like all senior dogs, they need to be able to go outside more frequently throughout the day, so not being alone all day is a requirement. Good with people of all ages and other dogs, cats unknown. Happy boys, Buddy is very active, Bobo loves naps and snuggling.

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