Then you will understand Bojangles and Maggie. Best pals. If ever they are separated, there is joy when they return. Brown Maggie has one blue eye and the deafness that often goes with it. Bo is her ears. Bojangles has limited vision, and takes many of his cues from Maggie. Neither has much of a care in the world. If Bo’s legs give out temporarily (old ACL injuries, our vet says), when he is helped back up he goes back on his way. No biggie. Maggie finds the best in every moment, and is very often available to lie on her back with her legs waving in the air. About once per day she may give a short-term roo-roo bark, and then that is done.

Maggie recently discovered that snow banks next to chain link fences offer some options for checking out the neighborhood. Because neighborhoods have busy streets, we think a pretty tall fence is in her best interest. She doesn’t really care enough to disagree, so a tall fence wins the day.

Bo and Maggie both eat well. They like to sleep close together. They ride in the car quietly. They walk well on leashes. They can bury their noses in your chest and wiggle at the same time. Mostly, they like to be living in this day and age, together, with humans who are willing to be best pals to these best pals.

What all this says is that Bojangles and Maggie need a HOME. Please send us a message if it could be with you.



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