Adoption Pending

“He is truly an amazing guy…he deserves a family that has the time to care for him, take him out in his wheelchair for walks, take him to the lake to play…what we used to be able to do for him.”

Meet Gust, named for his love for life that shows every minute, even with a disability. His spinal cord injury occurred when he was a young puppy, leaving him with limited use of his rear legs. Now 6 years old, he wheels through life, going on hikes, hanging out at the beach, loving the people in his life unconditionally.

Gust’s family for the last four years has done everything they can to give him quality and FUN in life. Babies and small children have changed the family dynamic, and the time they had for Gust is no longer really there. They want more for him, more for his life than they can now give.

What comes next for Gust? We are seeking a lifetime foster, someone who can give him the care, time, and love of fun that lets this Labradoodle truly thrive. We love the idea that perhaps Gust could live at home and occasionally make public appearances to teach children that a wheelchair doesn’t stop a love for life. He is a good kisser of faces and a snuggler. This is our idea, but truly, what we all want most is a home for Gust where he thrives.

What does a lifetime foster mean? It means Top Dog Foundation will cover the costs of caring for Gust, all medical, food, equipment and anything else that shows up. We know we are seeking a very special home for a very special dog, and we’ll take on the costs. What we really seek is a lifetime foster for Gust’s next chapter. Every dog deserves a great life. If you are interested in loving Gust, please reach out to us.



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