Hoover’s Taxi Network

When Top Dog Foundation seeks adopters for the dogs of people who cannot take their beloved dog with them, we seek adopters who agree to stay in touch. When needed, volunteers provide the transportation that keeps two lives – dog and their senior person – happy and connected. We call this program Hoover’s Taxi Network, in honor of the dog who inspired it. 

Hoover lived most of his life with his person, Don. As happens for many seniors, ultimately Don sought a move into assisted living. He delayed as long as he could, as Hoover would not be able to come along. As he delayed, both Don’s mobility and Hoover’s declined. Don’s family could not take the dog. Don called more than a couple rescues and no one returned the calls. Finally, a friend connected with us, and that same afternoon we put a foster home in touch with Don. He liked who they could be for his best friend, and they offered to stay in close touch about Hoover.

This is where Hoover’s legacy took a new turn. No one—absolutely no one—liked that Don’s move to assisted living meant saying goodbye to Hoover.

When we posted Hoover’s need for an adoptive family on social media, it prompted two volunteers to offer to drive Hoover back and forth to visit Don in assisted living. That idea struck a chord, and Hoover’s Taxi Network was born. What evolved over the next year or so is now a cadre of volunteers who ferry dogs from their adoptive homes to visit their original person in assisted living. Hoover was the first, and the inspiration. These visits have a careful scaffold of planning around them, designed to ensure the process works for everyone (and because we are a dog rescue, it especially must work for each dog.) Hoover’s adoptive family was the first in the line of adopters who choose to participate in this program of sustained companionship. 

Volunteers coordinate visits to fit the needs of the person in the facility and the adoptive family. Hoover’s Taxi Network intends to serve the best interests of everyone involved. We ask that all parties put the welfare of the dog first, however, ensuring that the dog remains secure and content within the adoptive family.

Please contact us if Hoover’s Taxi Network may help you and your dog. You may also volunteer to be a “taxi” driver or help us coordinate this all-volunteer service.

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